Bizzie Lizzie Farm

Warrior Creek Church Rd Gray Court, SC 29645


Everyone has now birthed and they are a pretty bunch.  Many have already been spoken for.

Welcome to Bizzie Lizzie Farm. A small, family-owned farm located in upstate South Carolina.  Home to Icelandic sheep, Dominique chickens, and Khaki Campbell ducks. Offering quality registered breeding stock for sale along with some nonregistered full bloodied Icelandics for those wanting to start their own breeding flock or just have a fleece and meat flock. These sheep are the perfect answer for the homesteader. Also offering fleeces, fiber, and free-range eggs along with chicken and duck eggs for hatching and yes, chicks and ducklings  are available at times throughout the year. Did you know? Most people allergic to chicken eggs can still eat duck eggs!  Of course, verify with your Doctor that you are one of those people.

Meet Lizzie
This year naturally grown produce and fresh garden herbs will be available on a limited basis.  Please check our produce page or our listing on Local Harvest for what crops are currently available. Also, look for us at the weekly Laurens County Farmers Market during the summer months. 

Please browse our developing website, and, if you’re interested in any of the animals or products you find, please contact us.  Thanks for visiting our site!


Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America

American Rabbit
Breeders Association

Babies everywhere. Watch your step. This nest of killdeer insured I used caution when bush hogging the pasture. Click on images to view. 


Meet some of the next door neighbors.